Friday, September 9, 2011

Interview with AR Fox of DGUSA, Evolve and CZW

AR Fox is one of the best high flying wrestlers in all the world.  He currently wrestles for Dragon Gate USA, Evolve, Combat Zone Wrestling, and Dragon Gate in Japan.  He is a former CZW Wired TV champion, and he won Evolve's Style Battle back in May.

AR Fox is scheduled to compete at this weekend's DGUSA triple shot weekend in the Mid-West.  On the 9th in Indianapolis, he will be teaming with PAC and Rich Swann against CIMA, Ricochet and Akira Tozawa.  The whole card is here.

On the 10th in Chicago, he will be teaming with SABU~! against the Dirty Ugly Fucks, Arik Cannon & Pinkie Sanchez.  The whole card is here.  That show can be purchased on iPPV; you can sign up to buy that show for only $15 here.

On the 11th in Milwaukee, he will be teaming with YAMATO against the Dirty Ugly Fucks again, Arik Cannon & Sami Callihan.  The whole card is here.  The show can be purchased on iPPV; you can sign up to buy that show for only $15 here.

TJ Hawke: You are considered to be a very hot prospect in professional wrestling.  When and where did you get your training to become a professional wrestler?  How was that training experience? 

AR Fox: I moved to Atlanta to train when I was 19 and have been here ever since. The head trainer is Mr. Hughes. I loved my experience training there. Training was very grueling and still is when we bump and run for what seems like countless hours. But I love challenges so I knew this was the place for me to start.

TJ: You made your first appearance for Evolve at Evolve 6: Aries vs. Taylor.  How did you get hooked up with Evolve?  I thought you died on that run up the turnbuckle moonsault to the floor; did you get an injury from that fall to the floor?  What did you think of your performance that night? 

AR: I got hooked up with EVOVLE through Chris Hero and I will never forget it. I met Hero at a CZW show we both worked on. A few days after that show Hero and I talked on Myspace and I gave him my email address for shows/booking etc. The next day when I checked it, there was an email from Gabe Sapolsky. I couldn't believe it. As for my first Evolve show when I crashed on the floor, there was no real injury from it. Just something I iced away in a few days; more scary than anything cause I had a feeling something was gonna happen whwn I was on the apron and I saw how far my opponents were. But when I was on the apron I said its all or nothin. I got nothin. I look back at my performance that night and its definitely one of my favorites. My favorite part was how the crowd applauds when I get up after crashing. I can almost feel it every time I watch it over.

[Note to readers: Watch Fox's Evolve debut here]

TJ: So far in Evolve, you are 2-0, and you won the inaugural Style Battle at Evolve 8.  What did you think of your performance in that tournament?  Was there a match that you were most proud of? 

AR: My performance at the first ever EVOVLE "style battle" was really a huge accomplishment for myself. Mainly because I went through 3 great wrestlers. I'm used to wrestling training all night and wrestling around for hours. but I never had more than one match in one night. My favorite match from that night has to be me vs Sami [in the finals].

[Note to readers: Watch Fox's first round match vs. Rich Swann here]

TJ: After your impressive performance in Evolve, you not not only kept getting booked for Evolve, but Gabe Sapolsky's other promotion, Dragon Gate USA as well.  What has been your favorite part of DGUSA so far? 

AR: My favorite part about Dragon Gate USA is how I was able to meet and wrestle the stars of Japan. Then go onto wrestle with and against them. Amazing. I also really like the "triple shot" part about it. It is more than a show, it is like almost a mini vacation or something for me when I do a DGUSA tripleshot. I get to go places I never been to and perform.

[Note to readers: Watch Fox's debut in Dragon Gate USA here]

TJ: As a result of your strong performances in DGUSA, Dragon Gate has started using you in Japan as well.  What has that experience been like?  Was it your first bookings out of North America? 

AR: My experience in Japan was truly awesome. I found myself with tears of happiness several times throughout my trip there. Sometimes after matches and when I slowed down for a second and looked around and said " wow I'm in Japan" It was my first time out of the country as well.

TJ: For this section of the interview, I was hoping that you could share your thoughts on some of your most recent prominent matches: 

 Evolve 7: AR Fox vs. Rich Swann 

AR: My match vs Rich Swann at Evolve7 was so much fun to me. I call it the futuristic match whenever I refer to it to friends.  Definitely one of my best matches of my career so far.  Its also my favorite style of a match. Fast paced and high flying.

CZW Proving Ground 2011: AR Fox vs. Adam Cole(c) for the Junior Heavyweight Title Match

AR: This match to me was huge for many reasons. The biggest one is that I was in the main event at the arena! This was literally living a dream for me. It was also really cool because we had a table. It also stands out cause I destroy my finger. Its pretty ironic I guess cause no move hurt my finger it was when I was pickin the table up. it was heavier than i expected.

FIP In Full Force 2011: AR Fox vs. Austin Aries 

AR: My match vs Austin Aries: First I want to say Aries is one a my favorite wrestlers of all time.  So wrestling him was an honor.  It was another test in my career and I was happy to step up to it.

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